Tons of Tiny Bubbles

60-Second Fairy Tales
For a good exercise in impromptu storytelling, try performing a well known fairy tale in one minute flat.
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Letter "F" Handwriting
Learn to write the letter "F" with 5 practice words. Don't forget to print our blank handwriting paper.

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Alphabet Bean Bags
Bytes for little bits! The Baby's Learning Laptop by VTech is an electronic learning toy designed to introduce little ones to computer play.
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    Reading Picks for August 2013

Age 0 - 2
Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes
by Mem Fox, Helen Oxenbury (Illustrator)

This is a gorgeously simple picture book for very young children, and once you finish the rhythmic, rhyming text, all you’ll want to do is go back to the beginning . . . and read it again! The luminous watercolor illustrations of these roly-poly little ones from a variety of backgrounds are adorable, quirky, and true to life, right down to the wrinkles, dimples, and pudges in their completely squishable arms, legs, and tummies.

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Age 3 - 5
by Michael Slack

Fly along with Elecopter as she soars above the savannah, patrolling the skies with her fire-hose nose at the ready. The other animals are safe with Elecopter on the scene—Elecopter is a hero for all! Preschoolers are in for a treat in this chant-along companion to Monkey Truck.

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Age 6 - 8
The Story of Ruby Bridges
by Robert Coles, George Ford (Illustrator)

This is the true story of an extraordinary 6-year-old who helped shape history when she became the first African-American sent to first grade in an all white school. This moving book captures the courage of a little girl standing alone in the face of racism. For months six-year-old Ruby Bridges must confront the hostility of white parents when she becomes the first African American girl to integrate Frantz Elementary School

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Age 9 - 12
The Cricket in Times Square (Chester Cricket Series)
by George Selden, Garth Williams (Illustrator)

Tucker is a streetwise city mouse. He thought he’d seen it all. But he’s never met a cricket before, which really isn’t surprising, because, along with his friend Harry Cat, Tucker lives in the very heart of New York City—the Times Square subway station. Chester Cricket never intended to leave his Connecticut meadow. He’d be there still if he hadn’t followed the entrancing aroma of liverwurst right into someone’s picnic basket.

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