Are you flaking on your business email?

Most folks read and respond to their business email in a timely manner. This is good business. However, one thing we’ve been finding more and more lately is the published, business email address that’s not checked for days or weeks, or is never checked at all. Brenash-Derian gets several emailed inquiries each month asking if we can extend deadlines and expirations because our promos and freebies have been reviewed too late. Many folks find our emails in their junk folders.  (When do we finally make it to the Safe List?) If you find pertinent email in your Junk Folder, you’re lucky - because these days, some junk folders self-empty after a few days, meaning a customer inquiry may have been forever lost, unbeknownst to you. We’ve had several clients tell us they haven’t logged in to check their business email – the very one published on their business website - in a year.  Huh?? “I get so much spam at that email address”, we’ve been told. “Sure you do”, we say. Idle inboxes are the playground for spam and viruses. But it's STILL your business email address.

But that’s not the worst of it.  The worst is when email sent to the published email address bounces back- over an extended period of time.This is very bad business. This looks terrible to your customers and potential customers. Things happen, yes.  Sometimes Inboxes get full (really hard to accomplish these days), or a mail server may be down for a few seconds. Sometimes there are glitches to be looked into.   But we’ve seen the same business emails bouncing back for months. What the…? It means folks have no clue as to what is going on with their business website or email, and they don’t care.

The best solution is to get a professional, business domain email address (i.e., and set it up in a way you don’t miss any emails at all. This means either logging into your business webmail, as much or more than you log into your personal email (duh!), or setting up a local email client such as Outlook.  Outlook is very easy to set up and easy to use, and it means there aren’t any extra steps needed to receive your email, even if you have several for various purposes.
You can create several “disposal” email addresses specifically for your website.  These should be different from the email address on letterhead or business cards. Have “info@”, “contact@” , “mail@” etc., and also create what we call the spam-able email address used only to register and sign up for things on the internet (registering for stuff online is your biggest source of spam and your business email should NOT be used for this.) If an email address becomes spam-laden, publish a different email address on the web. Soon, you’ll begin getting most of your valid contacts at the alternate email, and you can eventually delete the spammed email address.

Email is the number one way your web visitors communicate with your business.  Not only is your business email is a professional responsibility, but it’s chock full of business opportunities you don’t want to miss.


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