Web enabling means -
Allowing processes typically done repeatedly and frequently on paper, on the phone, or in person to be done over the internet.
web enable business processes and applicationsThis saves time and money, and improves efficiency and productivity, and generally makes life easier and everyone happier.

A few examples are:

  • Shorten the distance with more effective communication between business locations
  • Online Career Center: Post jobs, accept and sort resumes, all from your website
  • Share and disseminate information and resources in real-time with staff and/or clients
  • Shopping Cart/Online Store
  • Accounting/Bookkeeping: Send and/or receive online payments

  Web development means -
Developing and designing the part they don't see - the back end.
web development, back end, network systemsHow does your website talk to your other systems? How do your other systems talk to each other?

A few examples are:
  • Upgrading the software/programming your processes utilize
  • Streamlining: shortening the hops and hurdles in how your systems talk to each other
  • Creating a private intranet or network for your staff and customers

  Web marketing means -
Proactively putting your web efforts on the map. You have a 50% higher chance of contact from website visits generated from an email newsletter.

email marketing, email newslettersA few examples are:
  • Email newsletter creation
  • Email newsletter analysis: how can you get better results?
  • Custom email lists: for high delivery, open, and click-thru rates
  • Site Usage Analysis: make sound business decisions about your web efforts based on facts
  • Search Engine Optimization

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