Worst Website Sin Ever!
Linking Visitors Away From Your Website

Out of the tens of millions of business websites on the Internet someone found their way to yours. Consider this a precious gift. So why, for the love of all that's right and good, would you send them away? Once a visitor is on your site, keep them there as long as you can. There is a direct relationship between the length of your web visits and the number of contacts generated by your site.

Having "Resources" for your visitors is a great idea. However, most people add a "Resources" or "Helpful Links" page because they think their website is too small and they want more pages. Many times the "resources" have little or nothing to do with the services or products offered on the site. This is filler content under the guise of being helpful. This type of "Resources" page involves links to other sites that have the very resources you should be providing to your visitors, giving your site the appearance that it is just a gateway to the REAL help and resources. In many cases - and for the life of us we can't fathom this brain burp you link to your competitors. Why announce to your visitor, now that they've finally found you, that someone else is better able to help them?

So what can you do?
Do a bit of legwork and due diligence and provide the resources yourself, on your own website. Once you come to accept that a website is a consistent commitment of time and effort, you'll see how it blossoms into the asset you envisioned when you first launched it. If you truly think information is useful enough to show your visitors, then have this information on your own site. Some examples of real resources are:

  1. Self-assessments: users participate in quick or short surveys whose final tallies show your visitor that they need you
  2. Daily/weekly/monthly TIPS and HOW-TO's: show you're the expert. Don't give away all the milk though. You're still trying to sell the cow. Give enough information to generate interest and encourage contact.
  3. Samples, excerpts, and demonstrations of the product or services you provide. Show and prove.
  4. Articles and News that actually help to uncover a need for your products or services.
  5. Tangents: you have insight into other areas of your industry. If you sell lawnmowers, provide information on how to manage draughts. If you sell computers, provide a daily virus alert.
Have as many Resources as you can. There can never be too much help, learning, tools, and ideas on your website. The Search Engines will love you for it. Remember, the longer they visit, the more inclined they are to contact you.

It's all about the content......


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